Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've been thinking about this post for a long time.  As the trip draws to a close, I want to do some summary posts about our trip and the most important one for me is this one about the foods from our trip.  We love to eat and there are some foods that will always remind us of this trip.

  • Spicy Onion Vinegar sauce - This will be a staple in our kitchen from now on.  We have seen variations all over Central America and we practiced it in Roatan and ended up eating tons of it over that month.  Basically, we take water, white vinegar and sugar and boil it.  Then we slice up onions and the hot pepper of our choice and pour the liquid mixture over it and let it sit for a few hours.  We will be making it by the gallon because it is great with everything.
  • Tapado - I can't wait to figure out how to make this delicious Caribbean seafood soup that we ate in Livingston, Guatemala.
  • Ceviche - This was our staple food on Roatan and was perfect because all of the ingredients were cheap and readily available and as a bonus there was no cooking required so it didn't heat up our kitchen.  Its great with some mango cut up in it.  We eat it with slices of avocado and chips or crackers.
  • Sushi - I never would have thought that sushi would have anything to do with this trip but it will forever remind me of Volcan Arenal, Costa Rica where we learned how to roll our own sushi.  I've been dreaming about sushi parties with our friends ever since and can't wait to perfect my rolling techniques.
  • Rondon - This is another Caribbean seafood soup that is thicker and creamier than the tapado.  We ate Rondon in Cahuita, Costa Rica.
  • Jen's stuffed onions - Paradise Gardens was not just about the animals.  We also shared some incredible meals with people who love food as much as we do.  We can't wait to make Jen's stuffed onions for Rob's family on Christmas.  Imagine hollowed out onions filled with a mixture of cream, chopped onion and bacon, wrapped in bacon, garnished with rosemary, topped with asiago cheese and baked until yummy and delicious.  
  • Irish Stew - This is another great Paradise Gardens recipe that was cooked for us by a real Irish girl.  The secret is red wine and guiness beer...we will have to figure out the rest.
  • Yuca - We have been eating yuca all over Panama.  The are best fried but can be used just like potato.  I think it will be delicious in winter stews or even mashed.