Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Isla Taboga

Today we took the last big outing of our trip. We went with our friend David to Isla Taboga to celebrate his birthday and enjoy a day of fun on our last tropical island. We were worried that the weather wouldnt work out but we lucked out with a perfectly sunny day. The island is a great getaway from Panama City. Its only about 20 km away from the city but the extremely slow ferry ride over made it seem much much further. The island is so cute and small. What you see in the first picture is the entire town on the island. We rented an umbrella for $5 for the day which was money well spent. From our spot on the beach, we could look to our left and see the sky scrapers of Panama City in the distance but in front of us was nothing but beach and ocean. We are exhausted from the sun but happy that we chose to make this day trip as our last big outing. Tomorrow we will rest and pack and try to dig up some semi-clean clothes to wear home on Thursday morning.

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