Monday, August 2, 2010

Panama Canal Day Train Ride

Today we checked something off of our to do list that we have both been looking forward to since starting the trip....the Panama Canal.  We have been talking for a while about splurging on the train ride that goes from Panama City on one end of the canal to Colon on the other end of the canal and I'm happy that we actually ended up doing it.  The sucky part of the train trip is that it only leaves from Panama City once a day at 7am which is really early.  One of our friends from Paradise Gardens met us near our hotel at 6am and the 3 of us caught a taxi for the train station.

The train ride was just an hour but was totally worth the cost.  We enjoyed our free coffee in the glass roofed car that was packed with tourists from all over the world.  Despite the drizzle, the views were great.  The ride went along the canal and through the jungle lining the canal.  After so many months in and around the jungle, this was absolutely the most luxurious way to see it.  About halfway through the ride, water started dripping from the glass roof right only our seats so we decided to check out an open air cabin.  I'm glad that we did because it was even more fun. The rain was clearing and we got an even better idea of what those guys who built the canal in the early 1900's accomplished.

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