Thursday, February 4, 2010

Semuc Champey

Here is the spot where the river splits and goes underground. We were told at least 3 times not to swim under really didnt look very inviting..look at that white water.

Here is a very flattering picture of me so I posted it. Dont let the picture decieve you, the budget traveling life is fattening. Cheap food is generally fried and the places with good healthy food give you so much it basically nullifies the healthiness. We spend a lot of time sitting around on buses or just hanging out. Most of the time when we are walking around a town, the place is so small that we walk very very slowly to keep ourselves busy.

This internet here is really slow but free but also being shared by everyone here so I will be waiting to post all my pictures to Picassa until we get somewhere with better internet.
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Aaron said...

It's been lots of fun following your blog. I'm really enjoying the ability to zoom in on the map to see where you've been.

Didn't know if they have any nerds in Central America, so I've been keeping all your GPS coordinates in a spreadsheet. Here are some numbers for you:

384 miles - minimum distance you've traveled since arrival. Based on shortest distance between GPS points.

40 hours - averag time we have to wait for a Spot GPS update..

172 hours - the longest you've made us wait for a Spot update so far. That's too long, by the way

68.7 miles - The longest distance you've covered between Spot updates. This occured between Jan 13-15th.

Glad you're have such a great trip!

Tiffany said...

That water looks scary! I am assuming people have attempted to swim there if you have been told three times not too!I wonder how that worked out for them. sheesh