Saturday, February 6, 2010


We had a very long day on a shuttle from Lanquin to Antigua.  It was around 7 hours in a van full of other travelers.  There was very little leg room and we are happy to have only a 2.5 hour ride tomorrow.  We will stay here tonight and then head to Lago Atitlan until the 18th when we will meet mom and dad back here in Antigua.  This will be quick because I only have 13 more minutes of internet time.  Antigua is really beautiful.  I understand why people say it is not the real Guatemala.   There is no poverty at all, no kids selling you stuff, its clean and the architecture is completely different.  There are all kinds of restaurants...we ate crepes for dinner.

Please dont think that we are forgetting to do the spot locations on the GPS.  We try almost every day but sometimes it just doesnt take and because we have such limited internet access, we cant tell if it worked or not.  Im dissappointed that it didnt work in Lanquin and I didnt even try this evening from Antigua because it was so cloudy we couldnt even see the 3 volcanoes surrounding the city.


txdoc said...

Hi Guys. It is cold and raining again (still) in Dallas. Order us up some nice weather for Antigua next week. We are excited. Dad

Holly said...

Hey Debbie,
My brother proposed to his girlfriend a couple weeks ago and they want to go to Antigua for their honeymoon in December. Check it out for me when you are there and let me know your picks for hotels. They want a resort type location though. None of those bunks you have been sleeping in. :)Thanks!!