Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Everyone knows how much I love dogs. I've been wanting to do a post about dogs for awhile. Guatemala is crawling with dogs and there are a few distinct kinds. There are the poor, skinny stray dogs that we consider the local dogs. Then, in the toursist areas are the ones that we call the tourist dogs. They may or may not live on the street but they are very social and well fed. We've been here long enough to know them well...the little black dog and the big rottweiler live at zoola but we see them all over town. There is a whole group of puppies that hang out on the street that our hotel is on. Even in the coffee shop that we are in right now, there is a huge doberman snoozing on a couch. We often see a dog just sitting in the middle of the road, casually licking himself until a tuktuk comes speeding up and the dog casually gets up and wanders out of the way just in time.

This is Lulu's guatemalan cousin...actually she is on vacation from Florida but we just had to stop and chat with her owner in San Marcos. Lulu's cousin's name is Tootsie Roll
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Annie Anderson said...

I love the dog post!! Although, Lulu would never lay in the dirt like that, she is a couch type of girl :)