Friday, February 12, 2010

Checking in from San Pedro

I havent posted in a few days..not because I'm not thinking about everyone but because life here is not that exciting (in a good way).  This week's spanish classes have been great!  Tomorrow is our last day and I will actually be sad that it will be over.  I've learned a lot.  Its actually kind of hard to use spanish in guatemala since there are so many other travelers and the common language is always english.  Here is San Pedro, even the menus are in English and most restaurants hire travelers so the waiters all speak english.

We really like this town.  It seems to be the hub for all the Israeli travelers...or maybe the largest group of travelers are all Israeli.  Either way, I think that there are as many Jewish travelers as there are non-Jewish travelers.  Its pretty wierd but we are eating a ton of Israeli food here and loving it.  The Guatemalan tortillas really suck so its nice to have other options here.

The weather here has been getting warmer and warmer...I think I will actually go put on some shorts.  Sorry, not trying to rub it in.  I cant believe the snow in Dallas and I can just imagine what its like further north.

Well, we are off to find some lunch!  We will be here in San Pedro until next Wednesday when we will move on to Antigua.