Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life on the Rio Dulce

I think that these pics, reflect what we saw on the Rio Dulce. If you look closely, this was a family that was fishing for their dinner.

The river forms a lake that is connected to the Caribbean and is a safe harbor for boats during the hurricane season. Its not the hurricane season but there were TONS of sailboats all along the lake and in the marinas just outside of Rio Dulce town.

This is the castillo that we saw on the boat trip to Livingston. Apparently the british pirates caused big problems for the Spaniards so the Spaniards built this castle and ran a chain across the river to keep the British out.

Here were some little girls canoing along the river. This is their only mode of transportation so they may have been going to the store or something. Rob and I took out a canoe like this at our hotel on the water and it was not easy at all! The canoe is very shallow and very long and the little wooden paddles were not as helpful as we had hoped. Its pretty easy to go straight but turning was very difficult.
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alice said...

More interesting stories and beautiful pictures.

That river looks very majestic.

the fish must have looked very apetizing when it was served and very tasty, judging from the remnants