Saturday, September 18, 2010


The internet here really sucks and I'm getting a bit behind on the blog.  Yesterday was my 2nd full day and so far so good.  I didn't do too much during the day.  Just another trip into town with Victoria.  The evening started really slow and then ended up insane.  Not only did we have the 20 guests and all of their food and non-stop drinks but also groups of locals came in to drink and eat.  Every seat was full with some folks even sitting in the hammock and ground.  I think it went pretty well and was assured that tonight would be less busy.  I'm getting along well with Victoria which is a very good thing.  This past week was a Honduran holiday which is why it was so crazy here at the hotel.  I'm glad that I survived and am hoping that things are calmer for the next few days.

Here is a map of where we are at:


Laura and David H. said...

We're so glad you decided to keep up the blog, Debbie. If you have time, maybe you could start a section with useful or colorful Spanish phrases that you pick up. I'd enjoy that. Tell Rob our house has not burned down -- he did a good job!
Laura and David.