Friday, September 24, 2010


I know this picture is dark but I didn't want to ruin the vibe. Bob is a great guitar player and singer and every now and then will get a jam session going. Since neither Rob or I is musical, we just sat close by and enjoyed the live show.

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Holly said...

Debbie I am so happy to hear that you guys are back in Honduras. I am sure that your year of travels will be something you will never forget or regret. Andy was accepted to a medical school on the island of Dominica so I may be joining you on your quest to live a year abroad. He leaves in May so I have until then to decide. Keep up the blogging! It is the highlight of my day. Hve fun and stay safe!

deblet76 said...

Holly, in my humble opinion, you should go for it. You only live once and that kind of opportunity doesnt come very often.

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