Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ahhh, back on Honduras bus

We awoke the next morning and got a taxi to the bus station. By this time, any anxiety that we had about traveling down here was gone. We knew exactly what to expect, what the bus station is like, what bus to take and everything. It all feels so easy this time around. Every single person that we have dealt with so far this time around has been so nice and helpful and I dare say that our Spanish is much improved from the last time which has made everything even easier. The scenery was beautiful and I sneakily took some videos on the bus to show you guys.

One of the best parts of the buses here is all of the food vendors that are constantly getting on the bus. We usually refrain from buying bus food but when I saw the guy with the leechee berries, I just couldn't resist. Here is a picture of one. They peel easily and on the inside is this fruit with a seed. I think the fruit tastes like a big grape and it is perfect bus food. Everyone here just throws their trash out the bus window which is a bit disturbing but I felt very Honduran throwing the peels and seed out the window as I munched on them. I highly recommend these if you are ever lucky enough to see these at the grocery store. I think they would make great kid food since they are so cool looking and fun to peel and eat.


alice said...

Hi; You arrived and your trip sounded quite uneventful, thats good!

Now let us know how you are settling in
hugs Omi