Friday, September 17, 2010


Now that I have a few minutes, I thought I would post a few thoughts about our experiences in the last 2 days. I booked us on the the cheapest flight that I could get to San Pedro Sula which took us from Dallas to Tampa to Miami and then to Honduras. I was a bit worried with all of those connections but everything went very smoothly and we arrived in Honduras on time...although after dark. We landed at the airport and immediately hit the ATM machine to get some Honduran money called Lempiras. The ATM machine spit out some 500 Lempira bills which are equivilant to around $25 US. I quickly remembered the big money problem here in Honduras. The ATMs only give 500s but nobody here can ever make change for them. It can be a major pain for all involved.
Our next step was to find a taxi to take us to our hostal. The taxi driver was so nice but was unfamiliar with our hostal. One of his buddies gave him some bad directions so we had a nice tour of the town while Rob and I looked for anything familiar to help get to the hostal. Eventually we found it, though, and were so relieved that they actually remembered us from our last visit there. The guy Carlos is even facebook friends with one of my friends from home from when she joined us for a week and remembered that he saw it was her birthday that day. We talked to him for a while about Honduran current events and the Dallas Cowboys.
A nice little thunderstorm broke out on our way to the hostal and when we went up to our room, the little hostal schnowzer, Mikey, ran into our room and under one of the beds and wouldnt come out. He ended up spending the night in our room which was kind of nice.