Wednesday, June 2, 2010

San Juan Del Sur

Despite what has been going on in Guatemala and other parts of Northern Central America, Rob and I are safe and sound here in San Juan del Sur. The sun has been out and we have experienced no seismic activity although we have heard rumors of earthquakes nearby. Instead, we have been enjoying the sun and the surf and the pizza in this great little town.

The town is built along a nice little bay and attracts surfers and other expats. This town has a nice, mellow vibe and for some reason, makes us want to have a few drinks and hang out by the water.

Apparently, the conditions here are not really the norm but it is completely to our advantage. Normally, the waves in this bay aren't great for surfing and generally, the surfers head to nearby beaches. This week, the waves are great in the bay and in the late afternoon and early evening, all of the surfers are catching waves right here where we can happily sit at a beach bar and watch them catching the waves.

Yesterday evening, we met some American guys who are building a house up on the hill. They invited us to come check out their house and then go with them to Madera, a nearby beach. After stopping to buy some beer, we walked over to their beautiful home and then we joined them and their cute dog, Sasha, for a day at Madera. The beach was beautiful, the weather was perfect and the company was a lot of fun. The surfing was obviously better in town so the few people that were there were all mostly just hanging out and splashing around.

My big failure of the day was leaving the memory card for the camera in the computer so I couldnt take any pictures...thats right...I have no actual evidence of the day besides the sun that I got and wonderful memories of the day.

Rob and I have been discussing all of the times that we've said, "We really aren't beach people." It turns out that we are totally beach people. Neither of us have the complexion or even the want to lay out in the sun all day but this trip has shown us that there are countless ways to enjoy the beach without spending all day in the sun. We arent even picky about our beaches. All I know is that when we are in a spot where the ocean hits the land, we are very happy. This beach is so different than the Caribbean beaches that we were enjoying before. The Caribbean is so calm and perfect for diving and snorkeling. Here on the Pacific, its all about the waves. Although some of the big waves are a bit intimidating they are a lot of fun to splash around in. We arent anxious to move on but our visas will expire in the next few days so we will probably just spend a couple of more nights here before moving on to Costa Rica.

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