Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We arrived yesterday afternoon in Samara, another beach town here in Costa Rica. We took 3 buses to get here but none of them were too bad and it only took a few hours. This is a nice quiet place, just touristy enough to accomodate us. We arrived and started wandering around looking for a place to stay. I had found a place online and knew it was a little out of town. As we walked the streets, we came upon a nice looking guy in front of his house. I asked him if he knew where that other place was and he happened to mention that he had a room for rent for the same price. I'm glad that we decided to check it out because the room is really nice and only about a block from the beach and restaurants. It has the best shower that we have used since leaving home with real hot water. At $35 a night, this is the most that we have spent for a room yet but is by far one of the best.

We've been wandering the beach and just enjoying this little town. As you can see from the pictures, its not sunny and really hasnt been at all since we arrived in Costa Rica. Luckily, the rain is holding off and actually, the clouds are keeping the temperatures really comfortable.

This surf shop has a homemade weight bench out front. It is entirely made of wood, even the weights.
This is the town right in front of the beach. There are just a few souvenir stands. There is another road going away from the beach with some restaurants.

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