Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dinner and Lava

This is proving to be one of the best hotel experiences that we have had in a long time. Last night was Moroccan food night here in Costa Rica. The hotel was booked solid with a very international crowd. At 7, everyone made their way into the kitchen area. We chatted and kept an eye on the volcano while they got ready for us. Eventually he suggested that we wash our hands and get ready. A few of us shyly washed our hands and headed to the counter where he had a ball of dough laid out for each of us. He then walked us through flattening the dough, laying in some caramelized peppers and onions and then folding it back over. Simple enough and pretty hard to mess up, we were all pretty proud anyway. We layed them all out on the plancha and the ice was broken. We all chatted while we waited a few minutes and watched them put the finishing touches on dinner. We sat down family style with the German family with their 6 year old son and the American girl and her Costa Rican boyfriend that were on our shuttle in. Dinner was delicious and really fun. Did I mention that the place is vegetarian? Wierd, I know but we forgive them for it.

After dinner, we all sat around, had some drinks, discussed our lives and travel and watched the lava. I was really impressed with the amount that we saw. I'd love to photograph it but I think it will be a challange. Its very dark and I dont have a tripod. We were told that before 1968, they thought this was just a mountain and then one day it just erupted out of the blue and had continued to erupt since then.

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