Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting closer...

We've gotten some great gear for the trip. I cant wait to find out if this stuff will come in handy or if it will be a burden. Here are some of the items that we will be traveling with:

Mosquito net - we dont want malaria or dengue fever so this will be important

sleep sheets (sleeping bag liners) - these will be nice to line a bed with if the sheets are questionable. They should also be nice in cold planes and buses.

Pacsafe safe - this is a cool bag with metal mesh running through it. It cant be cut with a knife and it can be locked to a fixture like a sink or door hinge. We can stash extra cash and passports in it when we leave a hotel. I've read great things about this online.

REI backpacks (Venus for me and Mars for Rob) - I'm a little worried that my pack will be too big and once we really start packing I may go get a smaller one. I'm worried that our packs will be too big to hold on our laps on a chicken bus leaving them open to theft.